April Goals

As March ends, it’s the perfect time to reflect on what I’ve accomplished last week and where I’d like to adjust and improve. With COVID19 causing lockdowns and social distancing – this is the opportune time to do some serious digging and work on self-development. I find that writing down my goals gives me something tangible to look back on and hold myself accountable. Goal setting not only keeps me on track, but it also helps me to stay focused when I feel overwhelmed or I fall off track for a few days and am not sure where to start. I keep my lists on my phone, iPad, and computer as well as on a bulletin board in my bedroom. For someone like me who loves to procrastinate almost as I love to smash my goals, having a physical list makes all the difference in hitting my targets every time as well as feeling good in the process. My equestrian goals for this month will be out of the saddle goals due to my barns closure in the wake of the COVID19 pandemic.

Equestrian Goals:

  • Complete a full 30 days of  @thefitequestrian Equitation Bootcamp Program
  • Organize Bear’s maintenance schedule in the calendar for 3 months (farrier, vet, dental, training appts.)
  • Organize and post riding apparel for sale on FB and my tack room.
  • Complete 5 blog posts
  • Film 1 channel video

Personal Goals:

  • Finish 1 book
  • Journal 4+ times a week
  • Order takeout 5 times or less
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