About Me: Shaq Blake

Hey there! Welcome to theblackequestrian blog! My name is Shaq. I am an adult amateur equestrian who climbed back into the saddle after a 20-year break from riding. As a kid, I don’t remember feelings of fear or nervousness about being around horses, as an adult, particularly a black adult, I face fear, anxiety, and apprehensiveness in pursuing a riding career. I have been lucky to not only work but ride at several barns in my short two-year adult amateur career and I have learned so much about not only horses but about the equestrian world.

The equestrian world can be a daunting place, seemingly impenetrable world, where everything and everyone is shiny, crisp and clean. To be a great equestrian not only requires dedication, but it also requires access and funds. Accessibility and a lack of diversity are two factors that can deter future great equestrians from exploring their passion for riding. As a Black adult ammie rider, it is difficult to ignore the feelings of “I do not belong” when I walk into a barn and there is no one else that looks like me. Being different in a world that does not promote diversity is not only uncomfortable, it can be scary and discouraging as well. I created theblackequestrian blog to be a space to explore and celebrate riders of all ethnicities and backgrounds and to share my riding journey through the eyes of a minority in a sport that I love.

My equestrian journey has only just begun, I have learned so much in the last two years and I have so much more to learn. I am excited to be exploring a passion that I have had for as long as I remember and this blog will take you along with me so that you can experience the joys, the setbacks, the jumps, the falls and every rear, buck, and bolt in between.

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