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Hi! My name is Shaq, I’m an adult amatuer equestrian pursuing her childhood dreams of working with horses. I began my riding journey four years ago and use my blog The Black Equestrian to chronicle my experiences as a black, queer aspiring equestrian. While my equestrian journey has only just begun, I am excited to be exploring a passion that I have had for as long as I remember and this blog will take you along with me so that you can experience the joys, the setbacks, the jumps, the falls and every rear, buck and bolt in between.

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American Horse Tales: North Wind Acres

I’m THRILLED to announce my first ever book American Horse Tales: North Wind Acres will be released June 28th 2022!

Product Review! – Draper Therapies Jumper Pad

Draper Therapies Jumper Pad Review  RAVE I am big on therapeutic products as I believe horses are athletes and we challenge their bodies and minds daily, and with the added weight of a rider I love to do all that I can to help them feel their best and perform to their highest potential. One…

Reflections and Pledges

As we say goodbye to August and welcome September and all of her changes, I spent some time this past weekend scrolling through photos from this time last year and reflecting on my riding journey and the changes both good and bad. My camera roll and my heart are full of pictures of Ziggy and…

August Goals

It is hard to believe that it is already August! This year has been flown by, yet the days seem to have all blurred together. The past few months have been particularly difficult as our country has been in a state of unrest. I would be lying if I said that my mind, spirit and…

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