When most people picture an equestrian, they picture a slender, leggy rider dressed crisply in tan breeches, a tucked-in shirt, and shiny tall boots. At least that’s what I always pictured. When I got into the equestrian world, I was self-conscious because I didn’t look like what I thought an equestrian should look like. Shopping for clothes for my first lesson was difficult. I googled “English riding lesson outfits” more times than I can remember, and most of the breeches I found were either insanely expensive or didn’t run in my size, most of the time they were both. A few weeks before my first scheduled lesson, I ordered eight pairs of breeches in various sizes to see if I could find a decent pair to last me until I was able to save up for more. The first pair of breeches I struggled into gave me a severe muffin top and a diaper ass. My roots trace back to the Caribbean, and I cannot think of one woman in my family who doesn’t have a behind the size of the solar system. There was no way that I could wear my shirt tucked in and feel confident, let alone breathe comfortably without fear of the buttons on the breeches popping off and taking someone’s eye out or God forbid spooking a horse. It’s common knowledge that breeches are designed to fit much straighter hips and thinner frames than the body I am sporting, but that didn’t make it any difficult or discouraging that I couldn’t fit in any of the breeches I ordered. I settled on a pair of stretchy riding tights for my first lesson, but my search to find breeches that offered support for my booty, belly and my confidence.

It has taken a lot of trial and error, research, and ripped breeches to figure out which brands and style works best for me. I can understand and appreciate the need to find affordable breeches and tights that fit and are of good quality. “Substance over style” is something I hear often when it comes to everyday life as well as riding. While I do agree that it is more important to focus on your horsemanship, technique, and skills, I also know that the saying “when you look good, you feel good” is equally as true. Fashion is such a large part of the equestrian world, and as a new rider or a rider that cannot afford every matchy-matchy set, it is nice to invest in items that make you feel comfortable and stylish. I’ve compiled a list of breeches and tights that are size-inclusive, hold up well and that I use daily. I’ve included styles that hug your curves, have either a high waist or wide waistband, sock bottoms and range in price for every equestrian!


Piper Tan Patch Low-Rise Side Zip Breech

Ariat Heritage Elite Knee Patch

  • Price: $129.95
  • Size Range: 22 – 36
  • Colors: White, Tan, grey, Navy

Hadley Silicone Grip Full Seat Breech

  • Price: $129.95
  • Size Range: 22 – 36
  • Colors: Blue Mirage


TuffRider Women’s Ventilated Schooling Tights

  • Price: $29 – $37
  • Size Range: XS – XL
  • Colors: Black, Black/charcoal, Black/Cornflower Blue, Charcoal, Chocolate, Navy, Tan

Irideon Issential Cargo Full Seat Tight

  • Price: $89.95
  • Size Range: XS – XL
  • Colors: Black, Baltic Blue, Chambray, Deep Lavender

Kerrits IceFil Tech Tight – Full Seat

  • Price: $94.00
  • Size Range: XS – XL

Horseware Tech Riding Tights

  • Price: $109.95
  • Size range: XS – XL
  • Colors: Black, Red/Black
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