Draper Therapies Jumper Pad Review  RAVE

I am big on therapeutic products as I believe horses are athletes and we challenge their bodies and minds daily, and with the added weight of a rider I love to do all that I can to help them feel their best and perform to their highest potential. One product that I’ve been loving lately, is my draper therapy jumper saddle pad. This pad is infused with Celliant technology. From the Draper Therapies website: “Celliant is made with a blend of thermo-reactive minerals infused into a poly fiber. This fiber goes into the fabric that makes up the underside of the saddle pads. All Draper saddle pads help provide a temporary increase in blood flow to the horse’s back by safely reflecting the heat our bodies naturally produce as infrared energy.”  (Learn more about Celliant technology here).

Bear was a leggy 4-year-old when he came home. He was tall and beautiful, but still had a baby face and his body was still developing (he’s grown a few inches between the time he stepped off the trailer and now). He had only been off the track for about six months, and his body was still changing. If anyone remembers what it felt like to go through puberty (you know, when you randomly shot up a few inches and suddenly nothing fit and your body felt achy like ALL THE TIME?) then you know how uncomfortable growing pains can be. I can only imagine that going from racing to a new job as a hunter/ jumper would be uncomfortable and take some getting used to. My trainer and I are careful to take it slowly with his development under saddle and I like to be mindful of how I take care of him. From checking his saddle fit every few months, to liniment baths and theraputic boots it gives me peace of mind to know that

I’m doing all I can to ensure that my horses are feeling their best. One thing that I love about the Draper Therapy Jump pad is that I can see the effects when I use it. I used my Draper Jumper pad and my Draper Therapies Perfect polos on Bear during our Elle photoshoot. It was 96°F, the sun was beating down on us and he was dressed in tack for a few hours. Bear is a horse that sweats profusely in the summer heat, we usually keep his workouts effective but short. One thing I was pleasantly surprised about when we untacked him after the shoot was that there wasn’t excess heat on his back or his legs! That is always my concern when using infrared products, so I was ecstatic that the pad and polos worked so well.

I really put my Draper Jumper saddle pad to the test when I was riding Layla, a BEAUTIFUL 19-year-old Canadian (I cannot emphasize how gorgeous she is – she should be in hair commercials – Fabio would be jealous!). Layla is much older, with just the right amount of spunk. She is the ultimate babysitter and teacher – she takes care of her riders from the tiniest beginner to adults. Layla’s owner has been kind enough to let me use her in lessons while Bear continues his training. As she is an older horse, I am mindful to take extra steps to make her comfortable during (it’s the least I can do for Layla babysitting me the way she does!) When I use my Draper Jumper saddle pad on her, our warmup is quicker. Layla can sometimes start off a bit stiff, but I

can feel her move more freely through her back after only a few laps around the arena when I tack her up with my Draper pad. When I ride Layla in colder weather I tack her up a bit early so that she’s wearing the pad for a few extra minutes, hand walk a bit to help her warm up without me on her back and I can see how much she loves it!

When buying any product for myself or my horse, I always take five things into consideration – function, quality, impact, cost and style. The Draper Therapy Jump pad isn’t only functional with its therapeutic benefits, it is FANCY as well. I love the crisp white look of the pad, and the chevron design gives it an extra touch of style, while still modest. One of the things I love about English riding is the classic look, and the sharpness of this pad fits that aesthetic perfectly! This pad retails for $150 usd, and while that is a higher price point, because of the therapeutic benefits it offers, it is definitely worth it. As an adult amateur, I am always careful to be budget conscious. I initially wanted to reserve my pad for more formal occasions (lessons, photo shoots, clinics, etc.,) but I also like using the product for regular schooling because of its therapeutic benefits. I use my pad 2-3 times a week, wash it once a month (it is washing machine and dryer safe, but I like to hang dry mine) and it has held up fabulously! I also love that Draper Therapies is a local business (founded and operating in MA!) run by equestrians who work day jobs and ride in their free time.

I love supporting small or local businesses whenever I can (especially now during the COIVD-19 pandemic) and the fact that Draper Therapies is managed and operated by women is amazing! Quality, function, locally owned and stylish – the Draper Therapy Jumper Saddle pad basically pays for itself.

Order your Draper Therapies Jumper Saddle pad here (dressage pad here!)